Greg Haver Email Interview - January 2003

Many thanks to Greg for taking part in this email interview!

DELIRIUM : How was playing live with the Manics on the Greatest Hits tour? Have you ever played live with them before?

GH : I played at the St Davids homecoming gig and have played percussion in the studio on some of their tracks, but I have never played percussion on a gig before in my life! It was an amazing experience, I had retired from touring many years ago, they were the only ones who could get me out again, I had a ball.

DELIRIUM : What was the best night of the tour for you and why?

GH : Cardiff was amazing, both nights, being my home town. Glasgow was great, I really enjoyed Wembley Arena, Plymouth rocked, but they were all fab.

DELIRIUM : What's your current favourite Manics track to a) listen to and b) play live?

GH : Little Baby Nothing, it gets to me every time, on record and live, it is a work of genius.

DELIRIUM : Are you likely to become a permanent live fixture as Nick Naysmyth has?

GH : Thats not up to me! I am going to Japan for the gigs this month, but Nick has been there for 7 years so I doubt it.

DELIRIUM : What do you think of the fans that will queue for anything up to 12 hours for a Manics gig? Are we totally mad?

GH : I thought it was amazing to see the same faces at all the gigs, I really felt for the ones in the freezing cold at Newcastle and Nottingham, it was a dedication I have never seen before.

DELIRIUM : What Manics track that you have worked on are you most proud of and why?

GH : Grace of God, as it is not only a great song, but was my first top ten single as a producer.

DELIRIUM : What does Greg Haver have planned for 2003?

GH : Off to Japan with the Manics, some more tracks with INME, a Goatby EP then off to New Zealand in Feb to do some producing and give seminars.