Nicky Wire Postal Interview - July 2014
Thanks to Nicky for filling this out for us, much love and appreciation for the time you give to us here at Delirium on Helium xxx

DELIRIUM : Rewind The Film had an air of being somewhat resigned to middle age musically and lyrically, however Futurology seems a lot rockier and more youthful. What’s your current take on middle age?

DELIRIUM : James has been quoted as saying that the band will take a 2-3 year break after Futurology, apart from the film score that he mentioned, what is Nicky Wire going to do with 3 years off?

DELIRIUM : To me, Futurology seems to just have a lot more words than Rewind The Film, and even Postcards…..more words for James to fit into the music, was this deliberate or just how it happened?

DELIRIUM : Do you think the “tweeting/facebooking” reference in The View From Stow Hill will date the record or is it designed to define a point in time?
DELIRIUM : What is your favourite track on Futurology and why?

DELIRIUM : You have mentioned that Rewind The Film and Futurology where recorded pretty much at the same time, yet are such polar opposites musically.  Is there any track on Rewind The Film that you feel could have featured on Futurology given a musical reworking?

DELIRIUM : Sex, Power, Love and Money has already polarized fan opinion. Personally I think it’s the sound of the Manics feeling very comfortable with their position and creating “bread and butter” rock music, what’s your take on it?

DELIRIUM : You’ve worked with some great artists over the years and certainly on the past two records, are there any other artists who you would love to record a song with?

DELIRIUM : Will you still be in the Manics when you are 50?

DELIRIUM : Who has been your favourite team in the World Cup?

DELIRIUM : Do you think the punishment imposed on Luis Suarez was too lenient?

DELIRIUM : What is the next album I should buy?