Nicky Wire Postal Interview - April 2012

DELIRIUM :What is the best film you have ever seen and why?

DELIRIUM : Are you planning any more solo records during the Manics UK break?

DELIRIUM : The Voice or Britain's Got Talent?...and isn't it time you went on a reality show?

DELIRIUM : What's your favourite shop for clothes these days?

DELIRIUM : Did you use stunt doubles in the video for "Kevin Carter"?

DELIRIUM : We are convinced that Michelle Gayle is in the video for "Everything Must Go" - can you confirm or deny this?

DELIRIUM :What are your top three sports that you absolutely cannot miss at the Olympics this year?

DELIRIUM : What Manics album will the new album sound most like?

DELIRIUM : My Husband believes that Ofsted, SATS and league tables are destroying schools, and that you should send your child to your local school regardless of its results. I disagree. What are your thoughts on this?

DELIRIUM : How's Ed Miliband doing then?

DELIRIUM : When will your definitive Manics autobiography be out?