Nicky Wire Postal Interview - December 2004

DELIRIUM : What songs on "Lifeblood were written by yourself and Patrick and how did you find it writing with him?

DELIRIUM : How's your fear of flying these days?

DELIRIUM : New Orders "World In Motion" remains, in my opinion, the only decent football song ever written.
Would the Manics ever consider writing a football song for Wales?

DELIRIUM : How are you at assembling flatpack furniture?

DELIRIUM : Does the level of adoration and devotion you still receive from fans ever surprise you?

DELIRIUM : Who's the most promising lyricist of the current crop of "new" bands?

DELIRIUM : Religion has been a recurring theme in your lyrics and imagery. How have your attitudes to religion changed over the years, if at all?

DELIRIUM : What do you think of this years NME cool list? Do you agree with Pete Doherty being made joint number 1?

DELIRIUM : What did your fellow bandmates get you for Christmas last year?

Check this - the first time Nicky has ever signed a questionnaire for us "Nicholas Jones"!!!!