Nicky Wire Postal Interview - December 2009
Huge thanks and love to Nicky for taking the time to fill this in over Christmas - see you soon xxx

DELIRIUM : Were you surprised by the commercial success of Journal For Plague Lovers and are you now pleased that you released the record rather than burying it?

DELIRIUM : What was your reaction to the MP expenses claims scandal that rocked Parliament earlier this year?

DELIRIUM : Is your back completely fixed now?

DELIRIUM : What Manics album will the new album sound most like ?

DELIRIUM : During the summer, my daughter sat her SAT's assessment tests in school, at the age of six. Do you think it is fair that children should be academically tested in this way at such a young age?

If you coudn't live in Wales, what other country would you live in and why?

DELIRIUM : Almost ten years ago you played Cardiff's Manic Millennium - do you see the band ever playing a gig of that size again?

DELIRIUM : What was your take on the media circus that surrounded Michael Jackson's death ?

DELIRIUM : What are your top five albums of the decade?

DELIRIUM : Do you watch any reality TV programmmes and what would it take for you to appear on one?

DELIRIUM :After the success of the America tour, do you think the Manics will head back that way soon ?