Nicky Wire Postal Interview - July 2008

DELIRIUM : You have played lots of European festivals this year, what's been the best one so far and do you think this is your best year in Europe as a band since This Is My Truth?

DELIRIUM : Do you think as a country we are in serious trouble economically and how do you see Gordon Brown coping with the so-called "credit crunch"?

DELIRIUM : How is the new album coming along, you said in a recent interview that is is "unahppy" - is this a knee-jerk reastion to the commercial success of Send Away The Tigers?

DELIRIUM : What's the best album you've heard since Christmas?

DELIRIUM : Is ironing included in your housework repertoire?

Are you still dyeing your own hair and what brand do you recommend?

DELIRIUM : Where do you think the Manics would be now if Send Away The Tigers had not enjoyed the commercial success that it did?

DELIRIUM : If you could sum up the next 5 years of the Manics career in 5 words what would they be?

DELIRIUM : What are your favourite lyrics not written by yourself, Richey or James?

DELIRIUM : Which criticism is more important, fan or media and why?

DELIRIUM : Can you share any info on the future MSP releases? Track titles of new songs, info on the TITMTTTY re-release, bonus stuff etc?

DELIRIUM : What are the full lyrics to Who Stole My Rock'n'Roll, as writing it in yellow on cream inside of a 7" so you can only make out every fifth word is just cruel?

DELIRIUM : How do you feel about turning forty soon?

DELIRIUM :Would you really invite anyone to stand under your umbrella with you? If you were at a festival and there weere heavy hailstones and you had an umbrella and the chap from Snow Patrol asked you if he could come and shelter with you, what woudl you say to him?

DELIRIUM : Are there any plans to release a GT anniversary edition?

DELIRIUM : Being the huge sports fan that you are, what do you think of franchise football and Wimbledon's controversial move to Milton Keynes?

DELIRIUM : Do you like getting gifts, cards etc from the fans or does it annoy you? How do you view the relationship you and the band have with the fans? Is it as important to you (and the band) as it was and do you still see the fans as an extra member of the Manics?

DELIRIUM : Given that filming began a couple of years ago, are you still 100% behind "No Manifesto" or do you worry that the footage is old hat now?

DELIRIUM : How do you feel about emo/scene kid culture and how it's changed gender roles, in particular with regards to young men looking more effeminate. Do you think it's become more acceptable for men to express their feminine side, or is it just an image?

DELIRIUM : What was the last band you saw live where you were actually in the crowd, and was it a good gig?

DELIRIUM : What role do you think the internet fan community has to play in the future of the band and do you consider the opinions of this community of more or less importance than critical acclaim from the media?

DELIRIUM : Did you enjoy playing in Poland, what did you think of the Polish fans and will you come back to Poland again?

DELIRIUM : What are your current favourite Manics tracks and are there any you want to resurrect for future live shows?