Nicky Wire Postal Interview
January 2009

DELIRIUM : Can you give us a hint as to what sort of tour - smaller venues a la 2005's PPF tour or larger arenas - we may expect for 2009 and can you promise you won't leave Ireland off?

DELIRIUM : Do you think the England cricket team should have gone back to India so soon after what happened in Mumbai?

DELIRIUM :Will you be rescheduling the cancelled Bangkok date?

DELIRIUM : Are there any single remixes that you wish you'd released instead of the original versions?

DELIRIUM : Do uou think that with the election of Barack Obama we will witness a significant change in one of your favourite lyrical areas, namely American foreign policy?

DELIRIUM :Why don't you re-open the forum on the official site

DELIRIUM : Do you regret 1985 and Solitude Sometimes Is no being released as singles?

DELIRIUM : You have compared yourself to Doctor Who's Davros in the past. If you really were, who you you order to be exterminated first ?

DELIRIUM : With this being the first album you have had no lyrical input into can we expect a few Wire-penned musical moments on it or have you put your feet up on this one?

DELIRIUM : How do you feel about no writing the lyrics for the next album? Have you needed to restructure Richey's original work in any way for it to be suitable for the album? Has not writing the lyrics made it a very different working/writing process for you, James & Sean?

DELIRIUM : What's worse - Leona Lewis' version of "Run" or the original?

DELIRIUM : What word sums up 2008 for Nicky Wire?

DELIRIUM : With stores such as Woolworths closing down due to the "credit crunch" how do you see Britain's economy shaping up for our children?

DELIRIUM :What's been your album of 2008?

DELIRIUM : What did you want for Christmas?